What’s Basefugees? 

Basefugees is a web-based & mobile-friendly platform powered by Techfugees. It’s an interactive web-platform that will serve as a productive meeting ground for the Techfugees community and partners who are eager to address the challenges of displaced people through technology.

It aspires to provide an easy way for #tech4refugees innovators to connect & share their ideas with other innovators.  As well as clear & safe conduit for NGO’s & impact investors to learn about those projects and support them.

Who can login? 

The platform is a beta release right now; so only invited users are able to log-in.. 

If you’d like access, please email us here: basefugees@techfugees.com

What info can I find on basefugees?

You can find exhaustive, up-to-date information about #tech4refugees projects Including but not limited to the organizations affiliated with those projects, the ways that you can help in the development and/or funding necessary for the projects to succeed and the location of the projects across the globe. 

What are the benefits of using Basefugees?

You can connect directly with organisations and people driving and supporting these projects, using the messaging functionality. You can learn more about complementary or similar solutions that may create synergies with what you or your organization is building. Through Basefugees, you will also have access to a large community of technologists, NGO’s, donors and VC’s that may be able to help you complete your project. You can also post the various needs of your projects (recruitment, skills, etc) under ‘request and get support from the Techfugees community.

What’s the story behind Basefugees? 

Basefugees is a project we have been nurturing since 2015, recognizing the barriers evolving solutions for refugees  as we grew the Techfugees community. It is the story of how we saw that innovative ideas in support of refugees were not scaling because they did not have a means of reaching the right audience or were unable to get the right kind of support (be it financial, tech skills or more). Globally, Techfugees had a backlog of incredible solutions that resulted from hackathons with and for refugees and that information was not being shared more broadly. Basefugees wants to fix that.

How can I contribute to Basefugees? 

First, the best contribution you can make is providing us feedback on your experience so far and recommending our platform to innovators and #tech4refugees project to our platform. 

Second, upon navigating the platform, if there are improvements we can make or things you think we should fix, please send us that feedback at isawabug@techfugees.com

Last, we are always open to talent joining our team of engineers. Check out if any positions are open right now on techfugees’ website!

About data on the platform

Can I stay anonymous while logged in? 

When creating your account, we ask you for your email address, full name, username and location. Your email address and full name will appear no where in the platform and visible to no one but the Basefugees admin. We have created a secure site that ensures that sensitive information is maintained under strict security and privacy.You h can choose to remain anonymous on the platform by selecting/using a username of your choice when creating your account. 

What data do you collect, and for what use?

We collect the least amount of data about our users we need to get you the best and safest experience of the platform. As stated in our guiding principles, we will always consider ways data can harm first, before weighing the benefits of it. 

And… How do you store that data?

The data is stored on a PostgreSQL database on Heroku servers in Europe (Ireland).