About Basefugees

There are approximately 70.8 Million forcibly displaced humans on this planet, half of them are under 18 years old, who had no choice but to flee their home in order to escape a certain (violent) death and/or persecution.

They have become “foreigners” in their own countries and “refugees” abroad.

They have lost it all, left it all and are searching for a new place to call home. 

At the same time, all around the globe, compassionate and altruistic humans have designed & created solutions using new technologies rethinking the way we serve displaced humans’ needs & challenging the status quo. Nonetheless, these solutions are too often neglected, unknown by institutional donors, and struggle to find support to continue making a difference locally or at a larger scale.

What does Basefugees do?

Basefugees identifies, lists, curates and supports these tech-enabled solutions & their creators across the world.

It does so by: 

1/ providing a safe & curated online space gathering all those who want to / have aspired to / have succeeded in using & building technology to empower displaced humans.

2/ Connecting similar projects together to enable more collaboration and foster scaling up by building partnerships.

3/ Gathering constructive feedback & support from beneficiaries & peers around their projects.

We hope Basefugees can kick-start a new way of working and developing #tech4refugees projects in various entrepreneurial communities.  Projects that start with a discussion about ‘how about we/us’, with narratives of possibility, transparency and improvement so we start building ethical technology for and with displaced people - not solely on behalf of. Not as subjects but equal actors.

What are we looking for? 

We are aiming to list most (if not all) technological solutions, tech-enabled and/or pure technological innovations out there, that addresses the needs of displaced humans, that may come from diverse types of organizations (individuals, startups, large corporations, non-profits etc.) and that comply with our guiding principles.

We want to be very intentional - any tech-enabled projects that do work at restoring the dignity and agency of displaced humans, safely has its place on Basefugees. But it is not limited to unicorns and award-winning technologies..